Gluten Free Valentine Gifts

January 17, 2018


With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’re probably starting to think about what to get for that special someone!  There are some pretty cool yet inexpensive things you could do that are a little different than the classic roses and chocolate.  Check out this date in a box idea!  I think this is an awesome idea and as you can see, there are so many different themes you could go with.

Now, if you’re looking for gluten free valentine gifts for a friend or family member, there are a few different things you could do.  For instance, you could order a gluten free cookie and brownie tin, who wouldn’t like that?!

Another really cool idea is to put together your own gluten free valentine gift basket.  Of course, you can get an already put together basket such as this or this.   But, if you wanted to build your own, you could make it a little more personal.  There’s literally hundreds of items you could put in there.  I was searching for ideals and I came up with, what I think would be a really cool gluten free gift basket.  Start with a nice wicker basket or a box of some sort.  I like wicker baskets because you can reuse them around the house.  Here’s a nice one.  It’s Valentine’s Day so you have to add some kind of candy.  These Lindor strawberries and cream are amazing! Throw in some bath bombs, a funny gluten free t-shirt, some wine glasses, a gluten free book and did you know there’s even gluten free lip stick!

Think about the person you are giving the basket to and personalize it with things you know they would enjoy.  Or just throw in some random gluten free products that you find.  People with celiac disease like to try new gluten free products and since they can often cost twice as much as their gluten containing counterparts, it’s nice when someone gives you a new product to try.  Sami got these to try at Christmas and she loves them! They seriously taste like girl scout thin mint cookies!

Once you have your basket all put together.. Don’t forget the wine!!

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