Cashew Chicken

September 17, 2020

Chinese food is full of gluten! The sauces they use, the breading, it’s just not a very gluten friendly cuisine. Of course, there are some options out there. Leann Chin’s bourbon chicken is gluten free and PF Chang has several gluten free options too, but neither have a dedicated gluten free kitchen so the risk of cross contamination is pretty high.

It’s unfortunate that some celiacs are super sensitive to cross contamination and some aren’t. Regardless, we know that even if a celiac doesn’t react to the cross contamination, it’s still doing internal damage. Your best bet when it comes to Chinese food – make it yourself!

This gluten free cashew chicken is so good! Seriously, I made it for dinner last night and I’m planning on making it again tonight. Yes, it’s that good.

You’re going to need gluten free soy sauce or you can also use bragg’s liquid aminos, it’s a good soy sauce substitute. That’s what I used yesterday when I made this. You’re also going to need gluten free hoisin sauce and chili garlic sauce. The chili garlic sauce bottle doesn’t say gluten free, but according to the company (click here), it does not contain any gluten ingredients. That’s what I use and we’ve never had any issues. We also use their sriracha.

I like to sauté bell peppers and onions to add to mine. But, that’s completely optional. It taste amazing just as is served over rice!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do. It’s simple and taste oh so good.

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