Gluten Free Energy Bites

December 7, 2017

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  But, before we move on to Christmas I wanted to share a simple, easy and healthy treat with all of you. Gluten free energy bites!  I’ve recently got myself motivated enough to get back to the gym.  And by recently I mean last week!  Anyone who works out knows nutrition is key.  These delicious little balls will help keep you on track, but the kids will love them too.  It’s a treat you won’t have to feel guilty about because they are pretty healthy and full of good wholesome ingredients.  I’ve been making these for years and everyone loves them.  They truly are a guilt free treat.  For me, they are a perfect snack to bring to work.  These little gluten free energy bites satisfy my cravings and keeps me away from the vending machine at work!  

It is best to use ground flaxseed instead of whole flaxseeds.  The ground form is easier for your body to digest.  I tried using my single serve blender to grind my seeds.  It worked pretty good, but I was still left with some whole seeds.  I’ll have to grind them a little longer next time 🙂


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